Cafe Regatta | Helsinki | Töölö | 360

Added Thu 01 Aug 2019 to scenes

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Embed variables

Main variable is either vr_scene or vr_image.

vr_scene    = 500 (VR scene ID number)
vr_image = 483 (VR image ID number)

VR Scene

A scene is a collection of VR images, navigable through automatically created navspots. A scene could be a tour around interesting locations or sights around a city, shopping centre, nature path, or even a grand tour of your kitchen!

VR Image

An image is a single view with interactive content. Can be linked to other images and scenes.


Visibility options for elements

Please note that is not up to date. Some variables have been removed and some added during recent major updates.

map         = 0/1 (hide/show map)
mappath = 0/1 (together with mapbox, hide/show path between navspots in mapbox)
autoload = 0/1 (disable/enable autoload of first image)
ui = 0/1 (hide/show user interface)
extras = 0/1 (hide/show extra content of current view)
hotspots = 0/1 (hide/show hotspots)
navspots = 0/1 (hide/show navspots)
autorotate = 0/1 (disable/enable auto-rotate on load)
bgcolor = 0x000000 (Hex color code in this format)

This will produce full 360° pizza with all the toppings:
And this with no extras at all – a margarita:

NOTE: Manually set options (GET variables) will override options set in database!