Kart in Club Helsinki | 360

Added Fri 19 Apr 2019 to scenes

How to…

  • Look around by dragging with a mouse or using single finger.
  • Zoom in and out with scroll button on your mouse or touch pad. Only supported devices.
  • HotSpots are marked with an icon. Clicking a hotspot opens a pop-up with more content.
  • NavSpots are for navigating through locations (VR images) within a VR Scene – or a VR Tour.

User interface

UI has been redesigned. Most of the functionality still exists but in different place shown in image. Elements are be hidden or visible depending on configuration.

  • Controls – Back, forward, and restart buttons.
  • Settings – Fullscreen, Reset view and autorotate buttons.
  • Extras – Additional content on current image.
  • Timeline – Each block represents an image in current scene. Click a block to jump between images.
  • coloVR – This guide.
  • Small Planet Effect – Looking at nadir (bottom of view) and zooming out causes the image distort to “small planet” effect.
  • Wormhole Effect – Looking at zenith (top of view) and zooming out causes the image distort to “wormhole” effect.
  • SAVE AS… – You can save any view by just right-clicking with mouse anywhere on the image canvas and choosing “save as…”