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Coordinates, locations and Virtual Reality

coloVR° is built as an easily embeddable asset to any website. It can be an interactive tour on your site or work as attention grabbing header image.

  • MapBox integration
  • Automatic navigation built inside 3D view
  • Videos and images inside 3D view
  • Audio, E N H A N C E the experience with music, ambient sounds, speech…
  • Add any content to any 360° image
  • Customisable hotspots with any content
  • Customisable links to other VR images or external links
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coloVR° - mapbox

coloVR° is integrated with MapBox out of the box!

Real world coordinates extracted from supported 360°-cameras. Badabim – and there’s a map with navigable points!

coloVR° - navSpots


Automated navigation created from real world coordinates within 360 view.

coloVR° - hotSpots


Interactive hotspots inside any 360°-view. Photos, text, html, audio and video. With custom icons!

coloVR° - small planet

Small Planet

Look at zenith (top point of view) and zoom out! Things will get wacky with small planet effect. I deliberately wanted to include this effect. It’s actually fundamental I think! (Only on supported devices)

coloVR° - Wormhole


Enter the wormhole by looking at nadir (bottom point of view) and zooming out! (Only on supported devices) Or by click of a button in tools!

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